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CareLink Emergency Response

CareLink is a personal emergency response system designed to reduce complications associated with a fall or other health-related emergencies by ensuring prompt assistance.


The unit features:

  • Protection 24 hours a day
  • Local, knowledgeable support
  • Fall indicator
  • 24 Hour backup battery
  • GPS Service
  • No long term contract - monthly service
  • Affordable monthly fee
  • Accessible to family & care givers
  • Peace of Mind


Simple to Use

CareLink is easy to install and can be quickly connected by Gaffey Health Services. It is compatible with landlines, cellular service, or homes with no phone at all. The waterproof pendant can be worn either on a necklace or wristband. To gain assistance, you simply press the pendant or unit button. The Support Center staff are trained to accurately determine what level of assistance is needed and get you the appropriate help.

For more information about CareLink, call Gaffey Health Services at 815-625-5575.

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